HistoryThe history of Dateno Gyutan Honpo

Located in Sendai, the beef tongue capital of the nation, Dateno Gyutan Honpo is proud to carry on the longstanding tradition of this distinctive cuisine.
Dateno Gyutan Honpo opened in 1991.

The name is taken from Lord Date Masamune, the first feudal lord of the Sendai clan in the Edo period.
Dateno Gyutan Honpo was born of a desire to share the joy of delicious beef tongue cuisine with others. We created the first beef tongue product in Sendai that is considered an excellent gift or souvenir.
We are especially proud of our flagship product Shintan, the result of a great deal of trial and error. It has proven extremely popular, both freshly cooked in the restaurant and as a packaged product to take home.
We will continue to innovate and explore new culinary boundaries while preserving the traditional service you’ve come to expect from Dateno Gyutan Honpo.

ConceptExceptional service

premium beef tongue


Eight restaurants in Miyagi prefecture,
each with its own local specialties.
The authentic flavors of Sendai.
Perfect for dinner with friends or family, or as an authentic Sendai experience for the visitor.
Comfortable and elegant interiors with every attention to detail.


ConceptExceptional service

Accentuate the flavors
Culinary masters


Our highly trained chefs strive for perfection every day.
Qualities such as fat content and tenderness vary between cuts.
Our chefs are experts at judging how beef tongue needs to be cured.
Through extensive research we’ve learned to match mountain and sea salt varieties and developed our very own in-house miso blend for the premium beef tongue dishes.


PremiumSpecial taste

仙台発祥 伊達の牛たん本舗 芯たん

Our flagship product Shintan, a registered trademark of Dateno Gyutan Honpo, is the name of the tender part of the tongue about 10 – 15 cm from the base, which has a superior flavor and texture.

Our most popular selections are Shintan set menu, the family-friendly Thick Sliced Shintan, and Premium Shintan, which is made from the choicest center cut of the tongue.

Documentary of DATEGYU

The finest selected beef tongue cuisine prepared with the utmost care and attention for your enjoyment

Line UpProducts

  • Premium Shintan
    Premium Shintan uses only the tender center part of the tongue, for a premium flavor and texture experience.

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  • Thick Sliced Shintan
    Delicious thick slices of tender beef tongue make this a popular choice on the menu. The extra thickness produces a wonderful texture, and with a hint of added salt it really brings out the inherent flavor of beef tongue.

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  • Beef tongue Salty/miso
    Seasoned beef tongue, one of our standard dishes, is made by boiling in a broth of salt and our home-made miso paste. It’s a simple dish that is designed to bring out the natural flavor of beef tongue.

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  • Drinks and nibbles
    Enjoy beef tongue in pre-cooked forms such as jerky, salami, pieces boiled in soy and even sembei rice crackers. Perfect as a snack or accompaniment to drinks.

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  • Curries, stews and soups
    Other products include slow-cooked curries and stews with beef tongue and health-giving soup made with beef bones and collagen.

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  • Gift packs and assortments
    Dateno Gyutan Honpo beef tongue gift packs offer a variety of different products in the one pack. Perfect as a gift or souvenir, or to take home for yourself.

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Go to the Dateno Gyutan Honpo website to shop online for all our standard product lines as well as special seasonal gift packs and other offers.

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Designer’s Room

The modern and luxurious VIP Rooms at Dateno Gyutan Honpo are designed by leading architect Hitoshi Abe, who hails from Sendai.
The combination of intriguing artworks and interior design color schemes lend an individual flair to each room, creating a special setting for dining with friends or family.
Available by pre-booking only.

Dateno Gyutan Honpo


1-1-1 Honcho, Aoba, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Azur Sendai B1F 980-0014

Tel: 022-722-5225

11:00 am – 10:00 pm (last order 9:30 pm)
10:00 am – 10:00 pm

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Hours: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm (weekdays only)